Since I am a child my mother taught me how to sing. She is a good singer but not like the singer that you saw in the television, No! She is not a popular singer she just have good vocal chords. While my mother is a good singer my father knows how to play instruments like guitar, piano and wood bass. I remember when I was small my father play a wood bass where me and mother sings.

They say that we are a family of singers, but singing and playing instruments is just a hobby, we are not a professional when it comes to singing and playing instruments. Back when I was in my elementary I had a recital in one of my subjects in school. We are required to have a performance, you can do solo, duet, trio and group.

I choose of being solo and not in the group because I am not a good dancer and actress either. I told this to my mother and father and they supported me, they advise me to play wood bass while I am singing. But I don't know how to play a wood bass I said. My father then asks ask when the recital is.

It will be month from now! "Baby we have time to practice don't start cramming!" My father said in a calm voice. After school I don't go anywhere because I have to practice for my recital in school. My father teaches me how to play wood bass he asks me what song that I wanted to sing? I like the song "OWN MY OWN" that was a beautiful song my mother said.

And the recital comes. I was very nervous because I have to perform in a hundred of audience. Before I performed we pray, my parents told me to always have an eye to eye contact with the audience. Just imagine that you re performing for us. When I get on the stage I was very nervous but I saw my parents waving with me. I had to breathe deeply and perform my recital.

Thank God because I finish my performance, my P.E teacher congratulates me. It is nice to remember my happy days back when I was a child. Now I am a professor in one of the famous university in the country. Once in a while I visit my parents, until now my mother is a good singer and my father...hmmmmm he passed way already. But I won't forget him because he pushes me to practice hard. And told me that "PRACTICE MAKES PEFECT".